Any real estate agents or agent admins on here that can shed some light? Didn’t know where to post this

Im an admin for a well known brokerage. I go well above and beyond to make my agents happy. I’m NOT employed by the agents, I’m employed by the company. I noticed that sometimes they will just expect me to know all their info for every sale/listing and then when I email/call/text for the info they never respond and then later on ask me why their stuff isn’t done- same thing with their commission demands. I know they’re busy, especially the agents making 200k+ a month but it seems very inefficient. when they have signings in the office they make a mess. I came in from the weekend and chairs were everywhere and there was coffee, sugar packet wrappers, empty packets of creamer everywhere. Sometimes they come in just to eat whatever is in the fridge and then throw their dishes in the sink and expect me to wash the table and clean their dishes after them. It’s not part of my job description but they expect it. Is this normal behavior? It is mainly from the women agents I have. Mainly the women agents are petty and it seems they have to “prove” they’re better. The agents also steal my supplies. My wipes, masks, paper towels etc. that I order for the front desk-leaving me with nothing. As a real estate agent do you expect this from the admin?

I feel Like their mother or something.