My baby might have eaten some poop

I swear I'm not a bad mom.

Her diaper exploded I was trying to clean her up and get her into the bath. Her little hand got a tiny amount of poop on it when I was undressing her she was a ninja. Hand down then waved her hand up, smacked her own lip and turned her head away from my when I tried to grab her hand away from her face. I think she got a teeny bit in her mouth.

Like imagine a tiny brush on her finger tip in her mouth. Should I panic? I open her mouth, used a baby wipe to try and wipe inside her mouth right away.

Is this a 911 thing???


For those who think this is so funny and think I'm overreacting, please know that my baby (this same baby!) was born 7 weeks early and ingested poop during her birth and we almost lost her. So forgive me for panicking a bit and I'm so glad you found humour in my genuine concern.

But thank you to those who were kind and simply told me not to worry and that all will be fine. I do appreciate it!