Dream high ✨❤️

Been trying to ttc for past 4 months. Few days back I had a very creepy dream of having a monsters baby in my womb. I woke up and I didn’t felt bad. All I felt was happy no matter what. Been happy with my husband quite a long time of this month. With no stress and only positivity. I feel like its my month. No matter what happens I have thought to myself. I will be this me even if I have to try again next month. Because I think happiness leads you to beautiful destinations. And I’m positive about that someday soon I am going to be a mother of a child which I’m always dreaming. While I was walking down the road with thinking all about this I saw this rainbow. And I thought to myself I shall pass this and my life will be as colorful as this rainbow.

I’m sending my prayers to your all. ✨❤️