Scariest day of my life


Ok Monday I took my kids to the zoo. Ages 10,9,2,1.

We get home make lunch tell my 9 year old she has to shower that night for school next day. She decides to bathe/shower anyways after I said wait till before bed. Its only 1230/1. Sitting in living room with babies and my 9 year old screams and my 10 yr old. My 10 yr old runs into living room crying saying her sisters name I jump up run to bathroom but my daughter was in hallway holding her arm because she BROKE IT!!! I panic call 911 not knowing what to do but put some under wear and shorts on my kid and hope for ambulance to get there soon. My girl was such a trooper. She cried and was definitely in shock but we made it after a few hours at er. She's ready for school and I'm so nervous. Scariest and worst day of my life. My daughter said she was on bathroom sink trying to get her towel which doesn't add up to me. But I told her no more climbing things.

Just needed to get this out if my head it keeps replaying.