I just wanna see something

devynn 💗💙💗

If you recently just gave birth to a baby. what did you feel like the first couple days / first couple weeks?

I personally basically just wanna know like how your stomach felt, how you felt down there, if your bleeding was bright red for the first two weeks or when it started to change, etc ..

I just need reassurance that what’s going on is normal. because I literally feel like I’m going insane/ I have health anxiety as it is and it’s literally crumbling me because I’m afraid I’m missing something and that I’m going to die or something.

My thing is, recently (today) my right lower stomach was tender when I pressed on it, fast forward to when we were in the car coming home I was hunched over the seat on my belly basically and now both sides are tender ish. Probably cause of that? However, my insides just feel weird. I delivered vaginally so I’m not sure why my insides feel weird.

I’m still having bright red bleeding, which I think is normal but when does it taper off cause it was starting to then boom it’s back.

I do get headaches and they normally go well with tylenol.. I recently just ate for the second time today. First time I only ate a slice of pizza. I currently have a headache.. took my anxiety med + Tylenol and hoping it goes away.