I have mild cramps now light pink blood

Alexia • Hey 💕 I’m a mother of one trying to bring along another addition to our family 🤞🏾 im currently 22 years old !! engaged to my lovely fiancé chance 😅 to everyone hello & welcome ❗️

I’m not sure if this could be implantation or af showing her face early I never spot like my period would just come so I’m so confused cause I’ve been having mild cramps for a good 4-5 days now but the light pink blood just started earlier today still no heavy blood just still light pink blood prior to the blood I had this gush of snot like am yellowish color release may me think that was af I need answers I tested this morning which was bfn I’m 12dpo should I test tmr since all this happen or what ? has this happen to anyone else ✨✨✨😩💕 the 3 light pink blood wipes are from 3 times I went to the bathroom checking …

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