Low estrogen and Fsh or Lh, both low 🥺😭


Hello everyone,

I’m so sad and scared now as my doctor had the bad news about my hormone tests. She said they came back abnormal, my estrogen is low but the other hormone that’s in the brain (I think FSH or LH, she said the name but I forgot) it’s also low which is unusual and usually it gets higher when the estogen is low. She said that my problem is most likely not in the ovaries as this brain hormone being also low indicates a higher problem not hormone related. She is sending me to an endocrinologist to see what problem it is. When I asked her if she thinks it can be serious, she said she hopes it’s not, byt sometimes it cab be a sign of a life threatening condition. I started crying after she said this. She then said it might be something treatable. I’ve been having low libido, dry, brittle hair, fast heart rate, mood swings, depression and anxiety also had a surgery 2 months ago not hormone related. I’m really scared of what it might be, how serious it can be. Anyone else had a similar experience? I will go crazy until I see a specialist, then know what’s going on which can be life threatening 🥺😭I’m literally losing my mind now. What it can be if not just a hormonal thing? I need to talk, get informed and understand this. I’m sorry for this emotional post but I just feel in despair, scared and sad of knowing about this. Thanks