Swelling in legs!!

So I was pretty swollen my whole pregnancy! Had baby on Friday so almost a week ago, my legs are still pretty swollen but now calf’s are killing me one more than the other, when I’m sitting it’s fine, when I go to get up the pain is awful, but once I’m walking around for a bit it isn’t that bad the pain subsides a little. Could this be because of the swelling? Is it possible I had a muscle spasm while sleeping and not notice.. warm showers seem to help the pain. As of right now my calf’s aren’t red or warm to the touch, they seem equally swollen not one more than the other, I don’t have a fever or anything like that either. I don’t believe it’s a blood clot, I’ve been watching like a hawk because it scares me. Has anyone else experienced this?? Also when I wake up and stretch it feels almost like an instant cramp in my

Calf’s as well. I probably sound crazy, the pain might be nothing. Just hoping someone can give me some insight!