Hello, my name is Jess!!

My wife and I have been TTC for the last year, we have been tracking my ovulation and we finally did our first at home ICI insemination this month on the 7th. According to my app I am 17 dpo, but we have taken 3 pregnancy test before on day 9, 12, & 13 dpo and came back negative. I was suppose to get AF on the 23rd according to my apps, but last month I got it the 25th. Mind you I have PCOS, and my cycles are irregular. I take progesterone for 12 days to assist with ovulation.

Nothing has happened, when I wipe it’s clear, no signs of AF. I did have bleeding that lasted for 3-4 days on day 5 of insemination. Since the pregnancy tests came back negative, we figured we would count those bleeding days as my AF and have tested for ovulation, which have come back as LOW. My ovulation days have been day 14, 15, & 16; well today is day 16 and it still came back LOW. However, there are two lines that appear which shouldn’t if I am not ovulating and am LOW. I’m tempted to test, but I’m scared to see another negative; and if it is negative why did I get all the symptoms of a pregnancy??? Please help me as I am on this rollercoaster of emotions!! This is my ovulation results from this morning. What do you all think I should do??