I am absolutely freaking out right now. I just got married to the love of my life on 8/7. We have talked and decided that we want to wait for another year to have a baby. I just don’t feel that I’m quite ready physically or mentally. We are currently on our honeymoon, so of course there has been quite a bit of sex, some of it vigorous. I am on birth control (VERY consistent) and started my placebo week on 8/24 and my period is expected tomorrow, 8/27. Every time we have sex he pulls out except on 8/24 I let him finish inside me. Starting yesterday (8/25) I started experiencing some very light pinkish brown spotting in the morning and by night time it was a little heavier and I starting having some cramps and back pain. Today is about the same, maybe a little heavier spotting. Surely there is no way I’m pregnant, right???? The timing of everything and the symptoms are really freaking me the hell out and I just need some advice. Of course If we are pregnant it’s not the end of the world, but I just don’t feel ready yet