Help Nexplanon removal


Hey!!! I’m new here and thought I would throw out my situation. I’ve had 2 Nexplanon’s. 1 for 3 years and the last one for like 2.5 years. I got it Removed Late June. I ironically started my period the morning I went in for the procedure. I was shocked that my body produced stringy EWCM 2 weeks later!! Followed by positive OPK strip tests. My dr said there was no barrier after getting it removed.

AF started July 31th. Had EWCM on July 11th & peak ovulation test Friday the 13th 🥶

I’m suppose to start any day now but no sign of AF. I’ve had a headache since ovulation basically but I know that could be hormonal before AF.

I took a test this morning but looks like BFN. 😢

Is there a chance I could have conceived it’s just too early?