Hi everyone. I’ve been on vitex for a month now today. I started taking it because after my chemical miscarriage in April my period became very irregular. I bled from April-July. In June my doctor decided to put me on birth control for 1 month to try to regulate me again as we are actively TTC. The birth control didn’t stop the bleeding, so that’s when i resorted to vitex. My doctor did an ultrasound and blood work and he said every thing looks good. I had an appointment on Monday and told him that I was taking vitex and it stopped the bleeding right away. He told me to continue taking it. I’ve been on it for a month now and haven’t had a period, all my HPT have been negative. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? what was ur outcome? My doctor said to call him in another week or 2 if my period still hasn’t come. If i’m not pregnant he’s going to give me medicine to induce a period. Any tips/experiences would be nice to hear! Thank you so much in advanced. I’m sorry this is so long! and good luck to everyone else who is trying to conceive ❤️ baby dust to all 🥳💗