Advice regarding baby sleeping

Briaunna • 20 ♡ FTM ♡ boy mom ♡ wife

My son is 5 months old and sleeps beside our bed in his crib (we’ve taken the front face off it so it can be pushed against the side of the bed). Prior to the 4 month sleep regression, he would sleep like a 4 hour stretch then 2-3hour stretches the rest of the night…now he’s waking every 1.5-2 hours.

I’ve seen other moms post how their babies slept better once put in their own rooms, but I’m worries to put him in his own room because of how many times he wakes up.

Wondering what you guys think in regard to whether I should try putting him in his own room… or wait until he starts sleeping better stretches?

He is EBF and when he wakes up at night he nurses (I honestly think it’s a combination of him using me as a paci and getting a snack). He doesn’t suck on a pacifier. I’ve tried different brands and everything and he just chews on them and spits them out.