Brittany • I`M 18 i want kids but not right now
So I've known my boyfriend for a while started as really good friends.. When I was a freshman he was a Jr. We were just friends and we got really close and I had feelings for him while we were friends but didn't want to mess up a good thing.. So I didn't tell him.. but I changed schools the next year and we didn't talk after that. Recently we reconnected and got to talking I said how was prom and who he went with he told me he didn't go because the girl he wanted to take wasn't there (me)... After that we talked for about 2 months and now we are dating we've been together 39 days and counting we don't fight ever recently he told me he's in love with me... I didn't say it back. But I do love him..... could this be lust and are we moving to fast.. Or could we really truly be in love with one another