Starting to get impatient 😶


I'm 32 weeks today, I have a scheduled C-section on Nov 8th. I have been feeling super excited that it's getting closer to time to meet my 2nd baby, baby girl. I have been feeling like time has slowed down but also going by faster so when I look at how many weeks I have left I feel defeated in a way? I'm not trying to rush things because I do have my 22month old son and want to spend as much time with him as possible before his little sister gets here but at the same time I just want her here already I'm so ready and excited and it just feels like it's gonna be so long from now till I meet her. My app is a week off saying it's 8 weeks left till Nov 14 so I've been saying I have 1 less week than that but the other day I went into calenders just to look and stuff and realized my app is off a week Nov 14 is my due date and that's 9 weeks left I have 8 weeks till my scheduled C-section it will be 7weeks 6 days tomorrow but after realizing that I felt more defeated like will she ever be here?! I know she will ofc but it just seems SO FAR away now 😪