Need advice on my love.

I have been on & off with a guy for almost three years. We had a really rocky/rough relationship the first year we dated. We have honestly been through a lot. I love him more than anything, & I do believe we may have a future together.  However my parents do not like him what so ever & told me I couldn't/shouldn't be with him. At one point in our "relationship" I was seeing him behind my parents back & when they found out they threatened to kick me out of the house. (I still live at home.) I decided to stop seeing him. Well we have started seeing each other yet again & he wants me to tell my parents, but I am terrified to.. Something keeps bringing us back together. I would have a place to stay & he could support me but I don't want to lose my parents, or him. I am 20 years old & I do believe I should be able to make my own decisions. What would you do? Stick with him or listen to your parents? How should I go about this?