Would you consider me not healthy enough for a baby?

For starters, I just got off my anti depressants. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and depression. My anxiety causes me to have very unhealthy habits such as:

Not eating nearly enough (always feeling sick)

Not sleeping well

Severe Nail chewing

Lay In bed all day

Not get important things done

To top it off, I really struggle with my weight. I am only 95 pounds and I am 22 years old and 5ft 4.

I wanna start trying for a baby but I’m scared I’m just not healthy. My mom thinks if I got pregnant it would fix my appetite and weight issue but I wanted to get that sorted out BEFORE pregnancy.

I don’t drink nearly enough water, don’t eat more than about 1,000 calories a day, I sleep terrible etc.

Would you say I’m too unhealthy to have a baby?

Btw- I am married and we are pretty self sufficient.

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