Immature alcoholic boyfriend

He always wants to drink and when he starts it’s hard for him to stop. We just had a baby in august. I was gone all day today with the baby and when I came home tonight he was pretty drunk coming out the bedroom loud and I told him to be quiet the baby was sleeping so he goes back into the room and I stayed in the living room. I finally come into our bedroom with the baby and the room is a MESS empty beer cans on the floor, blood or some random crap on the floor next to the bed which is CARPET, I go into our bathroom that’s in our bedroom the rugs in there are pissed on there’s shit on the toilet not inside of it so I’m pretty sure he shit himself and pissed himself. Like wtf is this. And this is the second time I saw him get this drunk he soiled himself. I’m highly upset because I have one kid not two and for these 3 months our baby has been colicky I’ve done everything and he doesn’t even work smh I want to end things but know it’ll be consequences for my son if things don’t work out between us.