Feeling disconnected

Last night my husband and I said before bed we should have sex. Our toddler went to bed, He was gaming so by 1am I said I was going to bed and asked if anything’s going to happen with us. He said, of course and 5 min he turned everything off and took a shower. I was moody by then and kicked myself for saying anything. So he knows I like oral sex and the last he did that was weeks ago. So I said if he could, you know, thinking he’ll get the hint. So then I said never mind and he really wanted to know so I said I’m not ready how about some oral, and he says sure. By then I was turned off, mainly because I feel like I’m begging for it and when he went down, I said I’m not feeling it. He asked if it was him, I said it’s mainly that I have to tell you when you should know me.

Sex last night wasn’t great for me and he kept saying how amazing that was. I’m not exactly sure he was saying that not to dampen the mood or he’s totally oblivious of my annoyed body language.

I know, men can’t read minds but at least for the sake of it at least try instead of me asking most about of the time.

I also told him I feel like we don’t make time to have real passionate sex, it’s mostly rushed.

And I feel like he’s personal needs come before me, like him gaming instead of spending time together. He says it’s his down time from a stressful day and lately it’s been stressful at work and he even said he feels alone lately too. But then doesn’t seem to make as much time with me. I’m feeling frustrated, confused and ignored.