Cherise's Journey to Glow

zillyia • IM PREGNANT!!!!!♥♥♥

Hi my name is cherise. This is my story for September :) its to remind and humble us ttc'ers that maybe its not always a pregnancy symptom lol.... This past month was terrible and experiencing swollen tender breast and nipples. Thought I could be pregnant. Took test they came up negative. Got a blood test done I was convinced that I was pregnant because of my breast being sore and tender longer then when ovulation sets; (I dont get sore breast durring af) and im 33 days late for af!! so I was SURE it was pregnancy related. Doc called said not pregnant. I was crushed. then I relized something else must be wrong if thats not the case. So track your symptoms and be mindfull of other causes... i hope you get your bfp ladies !!!! Get one for me!!! I like seeing success stories :):):) but I wanted to share my Story because it reminded me of being too eager to jump to conclusions ... :) im going to just relax and figure out with my doctor what I am experiencing with all these non pregnancy related symptoms :):):) thanks for reading glowers!! -please feel free to comment below your ttc simi monthy journey below if u want to share!