My boyfriend wants a "college life"

My boyfriend just started college and I just started my junior year in high school (see picture from his senior prom). Out of the two of us it's not even close that I'm more mature so I sometimes understand things better or see the future before he does. I actually had a conversation with him many months ago offering to give him like a break with ground rules when he went to college, I didn't want the uncertainty of him meeting tons of new girls so that was my compromise hoping he'd kiss a few and just tell me he didn't want the break before it was even over. Ofcourse he's too sweet and slightly naive and told me he'll only ever love me. No he's actually experiencing college and the 4 hour distance and he tells me he gets bored and he can't have fun. His frustration and mine causes arguments. He says he wants "to be able to get drunk and if I accidentally kiss a girl it's ok", I try to solve arguments too quickly and I told him it's ok then and he immediately said no its not. I want him to be happy and enjoy college but i sure as hell don't want to lose him and i don't like the arguing that is cause by this pressure that he can't have fun. He hasn't drank yet which surprises me but I'm pretty sure he wants to try it but he's scared to cheat on me, which is sweet but not everyone's idea of college. So what would u do?