Anyone with Addison’s disease?

Heather • 2 angel 👼🏽👼🏽 🌈 Mother to daughter born May 30 ❤️❤️

So after months and months of symptoms and researching I have came to the conclusion I think I have Addison’s disease. I am weak and tired all the time. Sugar levels are all over. I crave sweets like mad. Ldl Cholesterol high. Went to an endocrinologist and he requested blood work that looks like it’s for this. And for adrenal health. Haven’t seen bloodwork yet but I’m going first thing Monday. I am feeling a sense of relief. Obviously I don’t want to have these issues but after over a year of feeling awful I would love a proper diagnosis. Any of you ladies that have been diagnosed can tell me a little bit about your journey with this and your treatment? Also I wanted to know if you can have adrenal fatigue but not have Addison’s yet. I would love to hear from all of you ❤️