It's been over a year!!!

My husband and I have been trying now for 13 months! I've gotten my hormones checked and he's done an at game analysis and supposedly everything has been checking out fine. The next step for me would be to check if my tubes are closed but it's expensive! I'm just not sure what else to do. I've even been taking supplements for the past 2 months and nothing . I was on the pill for about 12 years and now I'm worried that it's affected me. Everyone around me is pregnant and I keep hoping for my turn and they keep asking when I'm gonna be pregnant and all I can really say is hopefully soon 🙄 but who am I kidding ... they tried for a month and got pregnant almost instantly and here I am still nothing... my doctor literally looked at me and said this is where we diagnose it as unexplained infertility... ??? Well what's next??????? I'm not getting any younger!