so i made this poll earlier regarding my child’s dad

this is dads response to me saying no you cannot see my child without me nearby/ in sight of my child:

1. he has like 7 kids i don’t keep track at this point. one of them he has 50% of the time (he will drop them off to grandmas go meet up with girls though) another one he lives with the mother so of course he sees that one often. the other children he sees once a week (his own words).

2. my mom takes care of my child for me one night a week and my dad occasionally takes him. which i feel is reasonable. i work a full time job as well as do online college. i deserve a break.

3. i’m not sure how my child is too good for me? that doesn’t make too much sense in my opinion.

4. i told him look we don’t have to talk. i don’t care i just want to be in range for my child.

5. if i wanted to have my child in order to be in contact with dad i would actively be seeking a romantic relationship with him. i do not even seek a friendship with dad.

6. the only reason i’m an “emotional dunce” is because he will say i wanna be with you, i love you, i want to be a family, etc. just to lie and end up sleeping with someone else so of course i’m going to cry and be upset. that’s a normal reaction.

7. i don’t reach out to him for nothing honestly. so i’m confused how i hold it over his head.

my child was born in september 2020. dad has never attempted to take me to court. there’s only a child support case set up so i’m not too sure what he thinks will happen out of that other than child support. he would have to go to ask for visitation right?