Please read :)

Hi girls 
​I'm just a little heartbroken 
​When i first started using glow, i thought wowww we girls finally get an app to track down period cycle and discuss topics and i thought wowww we are posting topics helping one another but it's not really turning out like that. 
​I'm 27 and i've just moved to a veryyyy small town in Oregon from Canada and yesss i am one of those people who got totally scared and asked for your help and support because i missed my period and i thought i was pregnant. I knoooow that i should take a test but i have no friends here in this town yet and my first reaction was glow because it is an app for us girls and thanks to everyone who messaged me but lately i keep seeing sarcastic hateful comments regarding what people are posting and i think we are better than that girls. Lets be kind, supportive and sisters to each other whether it's a 15 year old wanting to know what orgasm feels  like or a girl freaking out because of a missed period or someone wanting a new dinner recipe. Let's be here for each other girls no matter what :)