LOL! Why am I so stingy now?!

MomOf2 • Married 💏 DD:4yrs old 👑 Angel Baby 5/6/2014 👼 My Rainbow Baby! 5/21/2015 👶🍼💙
Okay well this happened with my daughter too--- after a few weeks of being pregnant I found that I started being kinda stingy with my food. 
​I'm not stingy with food at all-- but now I don't even want anyone touching my lemon heads, my cookies, my drinks, I CALL EVERYTHING MINE. Lol
​Could it be the nausea? I get super nauseaous and out of the nowhere I get a major craving! So I stash on things I crave, cause some days it's all I can eat-- so if I see someone touching my stash I SNAP. Lol 
​I don't get mad or anything - I just get my stash and walk away and tell them NEVER TO TOUCH IT AGAIN. 
​I'm going crazy!!!! ???