BFP yesterday

I tested yesterday at 12 DPO and I thought I got an evaporation line because it was the faintest positive. I tested again in the evening and got another faint positive. I have tested again this morning and have got another faint positive! I can't believe it! I got PG in my first month of trying! My symptoms were minimal really. Most of them I get right before AF. Here's my list:
 1dpo- headache
2dpo- gassiness, fluttering in left ovary and soreness
3dpo- pimple on cheek
4dpo- painful gas, gas
5dpo- one painful cramp and cramp in butt, CM is very little (thick and white)
6 dpo- stitching pain in rib 
7 DPO- watery CM and tired
8dpo- diarrhea and cramps
9 DPO- back pains, tired, yellow CM boobs hurt
10 DPO - yellow CM and boobs hurt 
11 DPO- dull cramps, sore bbs, frequent urinaton, pain under left rib, stomach cramps, pressure on left ovary
12 DPO - pressure on left ovary, sore bbs, light cramps and a feeling of fullness. Light BFP 
​13 DPO- cramps and another faint positive 
Baby dust to all of you!