BD too much? Lube not OK?

Monica • I`m a 30 year old military wife and mother to our 9 year old son, Rylan and daughter, Maci who is 4.
Hello all :) so I have a few questions. My husband just returned from a 4 month deployment on the 11th and we were clearness to strt right away! However AF didn't leave until the 13th, but we have BD every day except yesterday (16th). My fertile days says the last week of Dec-Jan and my O test line was dark but not quite a positive, but getting close (maybe O early?) so my question is should we BD every other day? Or are we okay? 
​Second question, I tend to be a little dry down there ever since we had our son three years ago so we usually use a water-based lube or saliva via oral sex. Is this bad? Will it reduce our chances of conception? 
​TIA for any advice.