Same boat...

It's so nice to see so many people in the same boat as me. I've been married a year, and although we started trying very briefly last year, after the wedding,  for 3 cycles, we had no luck. I ended up giving up and decided to finish me degree before we started trying again. So now's the time. This is the 3rd cycle (just started last week and first time using Glow)... And my hubby is finally realising we need to put more effort into it or it'll never happen. I'm 27... Young, fit and healthy. My mother in law always said "you look fertile... You'll have no problems"... What bull! So I'm buckling down now... And am so happy to see so many want a bubba as much as I do. 
​So good luck lovely ladies! 
​Thinking of you all and so grateful to have you girls to confide in, without feeling like a freak cause I want something so bad (and not trying to think about it!) 
​Kisses xxx