I had a miscarriage. How do I start using Glow again?


We are very sorry to hear that. Miscarriages are devastating. We would like to ease your transition back to Glow and give you the support you need. Some women would like to pretend that it never happened and start again. Other women tend to become much more cautious and want to know what, if anything, they can do to prevent another miscarriage. We want to be able to help both types of women.

In our future roadmap, we have plans to add functionality that will ask you whether you would like to simply hit the reset button and start again from your next cycle - or if you would like insights and tasks that are more in tune with your miscarriage and hint at gentle ways to minimize your risks. For example by cutting down on caffeine and exercising only in moderation. (But please note: For most miscarriages, absolutely NOTHING could have been done to prevent them.) You can expect to see this functionality in the near future.

In the interim, our best advice is to delete all previous cycles from the app and to start from scratch with your very next period. This is only a temporary solution until we have the right support system in place.