Help with baby

Going to tell ya about me so maybe someone can lend some advice. I'm a 24 year old wife and mother of a 13 month old awesome little boy. I suffered from PCOS and took me lots of treatment and 2 years to get pregnant. Currently trying to have another child and again having a hard time. I currently weigh 165 when getting pregnant I weighed 190 got up to 212. I would love to be around 130 to 140. My main goal is to get my home life organized so I can start a routine to incorporate exercise eating habits and healthy living. I want to get toned and healthy so that I can help the rest of my family that needs it. I struggle with time when comes to exercising. Eating I struggle with snacks and easy cooking. I don't love to spend hours in kitchen. I have lots of gym equipment in my house. Free weights bands elliptical treadmill and a home gym. I love to run but haven't done so in years. Ran numerous miles a week. Would love to start training and running races. My biggest problem I would say is my drinking habits. I love pop and tea. Drinking water is sooooo hard for me. Not sure what else to say right now but any eating cooking food exercise daily life organization or routine tips or motivation anyone can the is greatly appreciated. Also any help towards the PCOS would be great too.