Sperm meets egg plan

This is my first time posting so bear with me!!!! My husband and I have been ttc going on 5 months now using Glow. I stopped taking my bcp's around March of this year. I had very, very irregular periods up until a few months ago. We never used any form of contraception prevention since that time and no pregnancy. When I started using this app that's when I started ovulation testing. I don't get a positive result every month leading me to believe I'm not ovulating like I should. Has anyone used the sperm meets egg plan? Thoughts? Success? Should I skip trying that and just go see my dr? I feel bad for my husband because he feels like I'm just using him to make a baby. Don't get me wrong he wants a child as much as I do but he doesn't enjoy me telling him when exactly we need to have sex so I can conceive. Help!!!!! Any thoughts would be appreciated.