Fertility specialists?

I have always loved being a mom. It is the most important job anyone could ever have. My children are 15 and 11.  Four years ago I got divorced and I knew life would be happier and more positive for myself and my children. Over time I fell in love with a wonderful guy who has no children of his own but has stepped in and been more of a father to my children than their biological dad had been their entire lives.  Sping of 2013 after many months of diissapointment I suprised him with a gift of a positive pregnancy test.  Through many tears and celebration we were over the moon happy.   We had our first ultrasound at five weeks and miraculously enough we can already see the heartbeat it was an amazing moment. Then the doctor said Oh goodness I never forget to take pictures but she did this time. And sadly enough that was the only image we would ever have our child because two weeks later I miscarried. It was not the normal misscariage as my hcg levels would not drop and I bled for 2 months. There was no moving on just sadness for a very very long time. Slowly we started trying again. We have used ovulation tests and tracking apps to no avail. As the date that should have been quickly approaches we have found your app  we are once again hopeful that miracles can happen. This is my second month using the app and as I said before we have used two other apps this is the most detailed and the most informative and we're really really hoping that it makes the biggest difference for us.  But if it doesn't we are planning to see a specialist  on jan 22. Has anyone gone? What do the ask? What will we need? How should we prepare? Any hep would be appreciated