Ovarian Cyst

Kassi • Due October 23rd with my baby girl!
Has anyone had an ovarian cyst while pregnant? 
​Here's my back story: I got pregnant in Feb of 2012 and miscarried in March. Then during the ultrasound, they found a large cyst. It was too attached to my ovary, so my left ovary was removed in June of 2012. The doctors told me my chances of having a baby didn't change at all. 
​In April of 2013 I got pregnant, and miscarried in June. I started taking low dose aspirin and folic acid and we've been trying  to conceive again since. Well, today I went to the Dr because I was having pain on my right side, and sure enough I have another cyst. 
​I am SO SCARED I won't be able to have a baby and I am feeling really down because I don't want my other ovary removed. Does anyone have any insight? Please pray for my family and I