Hi everyone 
​I have a question for those who feel they can place themselves in my story: i always had my periode (bleeding) when i was on birthcontrol. All of a sudden it stopped.. I thought maybe bcz i forgot once or twice i might be prego. Did a test but nothing there.. Months after months kept passing and im only 22 so i got worried and stopt taking the pil. After a year the doctor finally gave me permission to see a gync and the day of the appointment mother nature comes knocking on my door and it was an RED  OCEAN!! -_-" so still i went to the appointment had everything checked and it was all good. Suddendly i got sad cause i think i hoped to see a little heartbeat on the screen. Is this weird? Anyhow.. I found glow and was determind i want to bcme a mom... The same week my 2 sister in laws announce they are prego and the day after that my sis tells me she is pregnant.. Just wanted someone to shoot me. Glow predicted my ovulation would be on new years <a href="">eve</a> so i had sex with my partner 7 days before new years <a href="">eve</a>..on new years <a href="">eve</a> itself and kept going even after that for 5 days in a row. Now im feeling sick,, had a little fever my head spins like the whole day and i dont want to do anything just lay in bed the whole day.. Sorry for the long story you guys.. But what do you guys think?? Every opinion is welcome..