Confused... Help!

Hey girls, 
​A bit confused. And want some advice?
​- 3 month ttc 
​- 30-35 day cycle
​- fit and healthy. Bloods good. 27years old. BMI 21 
​- did ovulation tests from day 10 of this cycle. Did all tests around the same time of day... Holding wee for more then 4 hours to get a nice and concentrated cycle.  As recommended. And used multiple brands.
​There has been one day 1/1/14 where it was semi dark... And I posted it on here with most saying it's a negative. But now is my "fertile window" period and I'm getting not even a faded line in the test section. 
​We've been bd every 2nd day this cycle, with the exception of 1 day extra a few days ago cause we felt like it.
​- I'm tired today. Confused. Sore breasts too. But I fear for not the right reasons.
​- 10 days off expected "AF"... But I couldn't say for sure.
​So I guess I'm asking... Do you think I ovulated at the time the test showed the darkest line? Or do you think I'm yet to? It's day 24 of 35 days? Wouldn't that be awfully late for my ovaries to let go of my egg (selfish ovary)? I'm trying to not stress... Just go with the flow... But so confused!? Help!