TTC 38 months, period every month not ovulating (and STILL not pregnant

First, sorry this is long. 
​Been remarried for 4+ years, TTC for over 3. Have 10 yo daughter from pervious marriage.  After 1 yr TTC and no luck I had my ob/gyn do tests and my progesterone level was .06 on day 21. Went through 6 months of clomid starting at 50mg and going up to 200mg and the highest I got was 12. Tried Femara for 6 months and peaked at 19 the 3rd month and then dropped back down to 5 while on the medicine. I have been to other dr and they all say "everything is fine."  Obviously everything is NOT fine. The one dr told me even though I am having a period very month (almost always exactly 28 days) I am not releasing an egg but my ovaries are fine and working?!  This month we had sex during my entire peak window and AF was 2 days late then horrible cramping and she shows up :( I'm so frustrated and disappointed again. Wondering if we should truly give up or if we should try <a href="">IVF</a> or if that would even be an option? Hubby was checked after 6 mo TTC and he checked out fine. Anyone have any advise or encouraging words?