Very Personal. Help?

Brittney • Trying to create our little family! I`m waiting for my little miracle
Back in 2011 I had an abortion. I was 17 and just wasn't ready for a baby. I completely agree that it was a terrible thing to do and I totally regret it. I live with it each day. Anywho, when I had the at home abortion and came back to the clinic for a check up, everything was cleared out, which means it was a successful abortion. About a day later, I got a call about my body not responding well to the abortion and they said if I didn't come into the clinic within 72 hours and a get a shot that was supposed to put my body back on track, I wouldn't be able to have children again. So the next day, I went in and got the shot. Now in my present time, I am trying to conceive, however, I really have had no luck. Are there any tips for me conveiving? I think my worst nightmare is never being able to have children, and it's scary to think that this actually maybe the reason why I cannot get pregnant.