Starting to loose hope!

Renae • 💙 '09....💙 '11....💔 '14.... 💔 '14....💔 '15....💔 '16....💔 '17....💜 12/12/17
Im so totally confused boobs no longer hurt/sore, yet I'm still slightly nauseous, very little cramping and have no appetite what so ever, and I still get slight headaches! AF is due tomorrow 31st (Australia time), but the symptoms I've been having aren't AF symptoms. AF symptoms goes: a wk and a bit b4 I get sore tender boobs (not bigger boobs), a wk b4 I eat everything in sight then 2 days b4 I'll start cramping then AF arrives! But as I said I've got no appetite and my fave dish is quiche and I'm a bacon-aholic lol but the smell of both of those dishes turns my stomach! I caught up with a friend of mine earlier and she baked a cake and I couldn't even try any as my stomach was doing sumersults!! Any1 else experience the same thing yet still get there bfp?!?! I'm starting to think I made myself have these experiences as I want to see a bfp so bad.....I'm feeling pretty down and out and I know I shouldn't!! Really hoping AF is a no show tomorrow