TTC in your 40's

My husband and have been trying off and on for 3 years. We decided this was going to be our last year of TTC.   My recent issue has been my yeast infections.  It wouldn't completely go away.  So TTC became challenging.  I use to take my temp every morning plus prenatal vitamins and stopped them because l gave up on hope.  I was still in tuned with my body signs such as feeling sexy (1 day of wanting rip a part my man) and change of discharge.  
​The day I was feeling sexy (they say that's when you should start TTC) was on day 13.  So we threw all cautions out the window and TTC.
​2 days later my boobs started to get tender which I thought was normal.
​When l noticed I was 3 days late, l thought it was normal.  When I was 5 days late, I tested with a home pregnancy test (the and it came back positive.  It's never done that before, it's always been just 1 line only.  I said out loud WOW OH WOW OMG!!!
So I tested on day 7 with the First Response Digital and Clear Blue digital and they both came back positive 2 - 3 weeks.  Since my husband left for a fishing trip, I sent him a picture of the two test.
​Still not getting too excited yet until we get the blood work back.  Doctor called us and said its positive!!! We're pregnant and both super happy!!!
I am currently now 7 weeks going on 8 weeks pregnant.  This is my first pregnancy and when they say you get baby brain plus lack of sleep well, it started the week I found out I was pregnant.  September 15th 2014 can't wait to meet our little miracle.
​Never say or think you can't get pregnant in your 40's.   :-)