My mom expects me to pay her debts :(

To make a very long story short, my mother took out a $10k loan and cashed in her IRA (she was only 49 at the time) to pay for my wedding. She insisted despite my reluctance to allow her to take on so much debt. Now that tax season is here, she discovered that she owes over $1k for caking in the IRA and is paying monthly installments for the loan. She can't afford this and now expects me to take on the loan payment, and get her second car off of her insurance and put it in my name (it's not even drivable). I'm just wondering if any one has any words of advice. My husband and I have our own debts ($50k in student loans plus others) and are saving up for a house. I'll of course be willing to help my mother, but I feel like she's being very unfair. Opinions?