HELP!! Please :)

Josh N Carla
I was supposed to start my period on the 3rd and I tested everyday since the 2nd till today.. All were negative except for this mornings.. I think?! I did the test then left for physical therapy and forgot to check it till I got home around two hours later! Since to me it looked positive I took a second one and it was negative.. The one from just now is on top that I believe is negative and the one on the bottom is from this morning... Is it a positive or a evaporation line?? Praying for positive!! O! I don't know if it is important but I have been really tired! My stomach aches, started cramping lower right side today but I have #2 also so the cramps may be from that.. I have had I defeatism every night for like a week and every smell seems to be awful since like two days ago! My most fertile day at 33% was the 19th of last month... Please help!!!! I'm so lost!