Afraid I'm not ovulating

Mandi • TTC for almost 3 years, had a miscarriage, TTC again!
I'm a little concerned about ovulating this month. I am on cycle day 12, I've been OPKtesting since day 7 with Clearblue Easy Digital tests. For the last 4 days I have gotten a flashing smiley face, which, according to the test, means high fertility. But when you get a solid smiley face, it has determined you have or are ovulating. Usually I get a blinking smiley face for 2 days, then I get the solid smiley face after that & know I have ovulated. Since my results this week, I'm afraid I haven't or won't ovulate this month. :( Sometimes my age really concerns me. (37) Also, this is the 2nd month of trying after a partial molar pregnancy & waiting 6 months to try again. Last month I ovulated.
​Any help? Advice?  Am I jumping the gun here? After my miscarriage, I've been a bit paranoid about my body, age, everything when trying again. I don't deal well with disappointment. :(