A Valentine for Glow?

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

Love drives us in many ways here at Glow. We are a small, scrappy little start-up with just a handful of employees - but we all love what we do. Truly.

We have this incredible and visionary team of founders who love solving big problems. I mean these are people who could easily sit and create the next "Candy Crush Saga" (which I am totally addicted to btw) but instead they spend all their time and energy tackling this big issue: the woefully under-covered area of health care - reproductive health.

You might have noticed that Glow has no ads. We have no premium services. We do not charge our users extra just to see their own charts. Our entire premise is based on: How do we find solutions? How do we make people healthier? How do we give them more control over their reproductive health? How do we best inform them? And how do we create an open and vibrant community who are willing to discuss these issues?

Have we solved these problems? No way! But we are just getting started. Glow is now just about 7 months old. But we have big plans. Plans that cannot happen without your support.

So today - on this day of love - if you happen to love Glow - or even if you think Glow is pretty darn good - please consider giving us a review on the Apple App Store.

Here is the link: Apple App Store.

Happy Valentines Day! And may your lines be double, your smiley faces solid, your CM egg-whitey, your temperatures high, and your partners horny. 8-)

And as always: Thank you for using Glow!