Ovarian Cysts Questions

I started Clomid this cycle, cd 5-9. Today I am 8 dpo. I had CD21 progesterone test on Friday 2/14. While at the doctor, he wanted to do an exam to check for cysts to see if I can continue on Clomid, the exam went well. I told him I had a minor but consistent stabbing pain just above my pelvic bone a little to the right, nothing major just enough to notice. It persisted through Yesterday. A couple of times the pain was very sharp. Once when I reached for something and another when I coughed. Could this indicate ovarian cysts? If AF doesn't come I'm supposed to start round 2 of Clomid but am a little worried. I know it's to early for pg symptoms as this started at 6dpo and I'm now only 8dpo. Anyone ever had cysts or took Clomid and had this? Wondering if I should call tomorrow and ask for u/s?