Just needing some uplifting.

Emma • My names Emma. I`m 23. FINALLY pregnant! Found out March 5, 2014 I have the best boyfriend ever! He is my everything.
My sister is 19 years old and pregnant with her fourth child. She miscarried with one. So she has two beautiful children. My nephew will be 4 April 30 and my niece just turned 1 February 5. She seems to be very fertile and having kids left and right. I'll be 23 in May and have been ttc for almost 9 months. I know she's pregnant but we argue a lot and she says a lot of hurtful things. She's gone as far as to throw up in my face that I'm "broken" and can't have children. It's really getting me down. I just need some uplifting. My spirits are down. I'm beginning to believe her words, that I'm "broken".