Am I seeing imaginary lines?

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The last 5 days, I have been extremely pukey, weak/tired. I've also had strong migraines more and more intense the last three days. Smells have made me run to the bathroom thinking I was going to toss cookies. I've taken so many of these things I would to be surprised if I were seeing lines, but with such extreme nausea and migrains it's hard to tell...
​Could it just be my level of hormones is so weak/strong that it picks up this early, and faint? 
​My cycle since I've been off BC has been a mix of 20 28 and 35 days in length. So I'm not entirely sure when my next due period is, but if it's 28 days from the first day of my last  cycle will be next Sunday, a week away. 
​Help a sista out! 
​What do you think?