Crazy pregnant friend

I have a friend who is about a month ahead of me in her pregnancy. This is her first, and my second. 
​Lately I have been getting really annoyed with her need to "keep up with the Joneses". She'll text me asking how I'm feeling, and after I tell her, she wants to talk all about herself. Or she'll text me about a new TV they are buying or her nail appointment...I honestly couldn't care less about these things. 
This woman is someone I was acquaintances with in high school, and I feel like she wanted to be my friend now because she thought she and her husband were more well off than we are. This is not true at all. My husband and I are turtle people, we do things when it is time and we live within our means. This allows us to have a nice house in a nice neighborhood and have all the things we want and need. My friend is a hare person. Living in the fast lane. They have a small house in a crappy area but they are buying fancy cars, remodeling, everything expensive.
​They are doing one of those gender reveal things. When she told me the date I told her that was also my birthday. Then she proceeded to tell me we could come. I don't want to celebrate her on my birthday. I am happy for her, but geeze... 
​I was in her wedding, so now I feel somewhat obligated to her. She is planning her baby shower, already, it is much too early. It is 2.5 hours away and I really don't want to go that far and I will be about 5.5 months pregnant then too.  
​What the heck do I do?