Opk testing in morning vs afternoon

Ryan • Married Nov 23, 2013 Finally pregnant baby #1 lost our angel at 21 weeks. Our rainbow baby born
We are ttc for the 1st month. We bought the clearblue digital opk. I have been tracking since November and my avg is 27 days I'm on cd10. On cd3 we started tracking bbt and in cd8 we started opk test. So I was doing some reading and I saw where other women have found that testing in the afternoon was better than the first urine.  So cd8-9 i tested in the afternoon about 530-45 when I got home from work. The results were "O" both times.  So this morning Wednesday my husband said well why don't you check this morning and then again this afternoon.  So I did and it came up with the smiley face.  According to the opk I'm ovulating.  But here's my question.  Should I have been checking in the morning to begin with and not in the afternoon? 
Now that the opk is seeing the highest it won't clear the screen for 2 days.  I have a fear we screwed up and may miss the actual ovulation.   Luckily we have been having sex since Saturday except on Sunday and plan on until Mar 2nd when glow says its the day.