How would you like your best friend to tell you she's pregnant?

Sherri • With the help of Glow, now pregnant with my third and final baby! :)
Here's the low down: I'm a 30 year old mother of a beautiful 8 year old girl. And handsome 6 year old boy. And now expecting baby #3 in November! :) I'm sooo happy knowing my family will now be complete!! But!, I have a 32 year old sister who has a 8 year old miracle boy!! (Yes miracle!) My sweet nephew was sick in her womb and has been threw numerous surgeries, and has unfortunately almost died three times! (Doing excellent now!) But my sweet sister has been trying to concieve for the past 6 years with no luck. She finally saw a specialist and did get pregnant! Only for it to end in an eptopic pregnancy. :( And here I am Mrs. Fertile Turtle trying for only 4 months and now expecting. (Not complaining) She knows I wanted another child so it may not be too much of a shock. I just know that she's still upset, she can't try untill at least another month due to the methotrexate in her system still. My husband and I don't plan on announcing our pregnancy for another  couple months.(want to make sure I have a sticky bean) So finally if you were in her shoes how would you like me to tell you my good news?